Kitchen Colored Printing Toughened Glass Splashback

Virtue Glass kitchen toughened glass splashback is produced from silk-screen ceramic printed glass,which is a kind of decorative glass made by printing a layer of ceramic ink on the surface of glass through the screen mesh for tempering or heat-strengthening process.

Toughened glass splashback are a type of glass panel that is installed on the walls behind the stove, sink, or countertops in a kitchen or bathroom. They are designed to protect the walls from splashes and spills while also providing an attractive and easy-to-clean surface. Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is used for splashback because it is much stronger and more durable than regular glass. It is made by heating the glass to a high temperature and then cooling it rapidly, which makes it four to five times stronger than ordinary glass. This process also makes the glass more resistant to thermal shock, meaning it can withstand sudden changes in temperature without breaking. Toughened glass splashbacks are available in a wide range of colors and designs, so they can be customized to fit the style and decor of any kitchen or bathroom.

The advantages of silk-screen toughened glass splashback

1.Toughened glass splashback is scratch-proof, durable,anti-glare effect under solar shading.
2. Toughened glass splashback is acid and moisture resistant features can maintain colors for decades.
3. Toughened Glass Splashback is a variety of color and graphic choices are an option.
4.The Toughened silk-screen printed glass has safety glass properties.

Back splash printing tempered glass Processing:

Ceramic silk screen printed before tempering,

Resins(organic) silk screen printed after tempering

Cutting glass –flat polished edge—silk screen printing glass —tempering glass—glass packing

The advantages of our processing:

1. beautiful polished edge
2.accurate size
3. strong Heat Resistance
4. resistance of peel off crack or discoloration
5. resistant to scratch and humid
6. environmental friendly paint.

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