Printed Glass Splashbacks is a reliable and effective method for adding designs, Color,or functional elements for your Kitchen wall. offering durability, consistency and flexibility in your house Wall decoration. (Toughened Glass Splashback Cut To Size Supplier China)

What is Toughened Printed Glass Splashbacks?

Toughened Printed Glass Splashbacks is made of Back painted glass or Tempered Silk Printed Glass,which is a special kind of decorative glass made by printing a layer of ceramic ink on the surface of glass through the screen mesh for tempering or heat-strengthening process after, which is security glass.

The Thickness: 5MM/6MM/8MM/10MM

Sizes: Customized Sizes

Edges: Flat Polished Edges

Colors: Black, White, Grey, Silver, Bronze, Customized Color

From Toughened Glass Splashback Cut To Size Supplier China

Printed Glass Splashbacks

The advantages of Toughened Printed Glass Splashbacks For Kitchen

1.Customized designs: Silkscreen printing can be designed and printed onto the surface of glass. 

2.Durability: Silkscreen printing inks are durable, can withstand when exposure to UV light, weathering, and other environmental factors.

4.Silkscreen printing is a cost-effective method for adding color and designs to glass surfaces, specially for large-scale projects.

5.Versatility: Silkscreen printed glass can be used on a variety of glass substrates: Clear and Tinted Float glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and curved glass.


self adhesive glass splashbacks

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