Manufacturer of 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm  Toughened Glass Shower Door

VIRTUE GLASS is a professional deep processed factory,  the factory have more than 15 years experience in 6mm -12mm toughened glass shower door.

Processing of Toughened Glass Shower Door                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cutting →flat polished edge→ drilling holes→ cutouts(CNC cutouts / water jet cutouts→tempering→packing

Types of toughened Glass Shower Door:

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Glass Option For Toughened Glass Shower Door:

Clear Glass/Extra Clear Float Glass/Acid etched or sand blasted glass/Pattern Glass Color glass(Bronze and Grey mostly)

Tech.Options For Toughened Glass Shower Door


Thinner than 10mm would be need to be wrapped in aluminum extrusion to help stabilize glass and therefore considered a framed shower door.

Shower glass thicker than 12mm is not offered,cause its weight being too heavy to be supported.

Accurate size, size tolerance:±0.5mm Beautiful polished edge

Toughened Glass Shower door glass type:

Single Shower Doors
Inline Shower Doors
Corner Shower Doors
Sliding shower Doors
Custom Glass Shower door panels

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