[Overview] There are various solar heat collection system that can provide steam.Solar steam is a system equipment that uses solar energy to generate steam. The realization of solar steam power generation is technically accessible. 

In the industrial field, many industrial processes are inseparable from steam.

For example: synthetic rubber, wood processing, plywood preparation, road construction, chemical industry, paper industry, food processing, medicine, aquaculture, tobacco processing, textile printing and dyeing, leather, thermal power generation, seawater desalination, etc

It is widely used and has a huge market space.

In the past, almost all industrial steam was produced by burning coal. Some industrial parks have their own steam supply stations. Now, due to the needs of environmental pollution and energy conservation and emission reduction, the country has forcibly shut down hundreds of thousands of small coal furnaces, most of which provide steam for production. In terms of energy consumption, the cost of using coal to produce steam is the lowest. In addition, the cost of steam production with electricity, oil and gas is too high for enterprises to bear.

Solar steam is a kind of system equipment that uses solar energy to generate steam. The realization of solar steam power generation is technically accessible. There are various solar heat collection systems that can provide steam.

For example: tower type solar heat collection system, trough type solar heat collection system, Fresnel type solar heat collection system, etc.

These systems can provide steam. These technologies have been available for decades. Due to factors such as structure and installation conditions, it cannot be popularized. The important factor is that the economy is infeasible, has social value, has no economic value, or even worse. However, there are potential safety hazards that the enterprise cannot accept, let alone operate.

Since 2005, the entire Chinese solar water heater industry has clearly seen the huge market of solar energy in the industrial field, especially in the steam field. The industry has also done a lot of research and experimental work, and finally failed, representative.

The largest market of solar thermal energy is the industrial market, and its use is far greater than the living market. Steam is needed in a wide range of industries. If solar energy can provide cheap steam, its market will be huge, and its contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection will be greater than in life.

Our new solar collector tube and collector technology is specially developed for steam production by solar energy, which can easily and conveniently produce steam with high efficiency and low cost. The production enterprises are profitable, and the comprehensive returns of users are significant



Solar Heat Collection System

Solar Heat Collection System