VGC Collection Display Case, Glass Figure Case, 4 Tiers, Black, Tempered Glass, Full Glass, Assembled Glass Cabinet-Factory Good Price!!

About VGC Collection Display Case

  • Size (W x D x H): 17 x 14.5 x 67 inches
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Material: Fully Tempered glass + Stainless Steel Metal+solid wood particle board
  • Coating: Powder coating
  • Assembly: Assembled by Users, DIY Furniture.

Customer Ratings by feature

For small space: 3.5

Stability: 3.7

Easy to assemble :3.4

Good Packing:3.5


Collection Display Case China Factory

Description of Collection Display Case

1. VGC designed fully tempered glass Display case that will enhance your collection,Crafts or Wines.
2.Protect your collection and accessories from dust and keep them looking good all the time/
3. Made of full Clear or Extra Clear glass and can be displayed in 360 degrees at any angle./
4. Open and Simple deigned, which is easy to match your back rounds and match your rooms. /
5. The vertical and Tall shape,  makes it easy to install any narrow places, the small corners of your rooms/
6. DIY Assembly required, 2 or more people can assemble it together, very easy to operate/

7. Custom Sizes with different doors.  One Door and Two Door Glass Cabinets.

Glass Curio Cabinet

Safety Packing

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