VGC 1mm-2mm Cheap Small Cosmetic Mirror Pieces,Cosmetic Small Round Mirror (D.57mm,62mm,etc)-Manufacturer China

VGC 1mm-2mm Cheap Small Cosmetic Mirror Pieces,Cosmetic Small Round Mirror (D.57mm,62mm,etc)-Manufacturer China2023-09-20T10:45:02+00:00

Buy 1mm-2mm Cheap Small Cosmetic Mirror Pieces from China

The factory produce Small Cosmetic Mirror Pieces for more than 15 years, Small Cosmetic Mirror Pieces mainly includes: silk-screen cosmetic mirror, safety film cosmetic mirror, curved mirror, makeup mirror, magnifier cosmetic mirror.we provide deep processing service for Small Cosmetic Mirror Pieces products, such as edge grinding, coating, grilled bending, silk-screen printing,safety filming mirrors etc, according to customer requirements.



FEATURES OF Cheap Small Cosmetic Mirror Pieces

1.Copper and lead free , environment friendly

2. High reflectivity with clear and vivid image

3.  two layers of lead-free waterproof paints with competitive prices

4.  Various colors are available , like bronze , gray , blue , etc

5. Safety backed mirror both CAT- I and CAT- II are available.




Small Cosmetic Mirror Pieces Clear aluminum mirror, tinted aluminum mirror , patterned mirror,  extra clear aluminum mirror, corrosion resistant aluminum mirror
Thickness: 1.1MM, 1.5MM 1.8mm,2mm,3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm
Regular size : 1600mm*2200mm;1220mm*1830mm;1524mm*2134mm; 1830mm*2440mm; customized small sizes
paint color WHITE,GREY
Packing: cartons and pallets





Why choose us?

1/1 Strict Quality&Detail control are the life of the company.

2/2 Provide overall solution.Establish real trust-worthy partnership.

3/3 Clients cooperated together, we can ensure no loss happened.

4/4 Factory competitive prices and best services.

5/5 Factory Monthly output can reach to 30000sqm.

3/3 Established a strict quality management system.

3/3 Professional R&D Team, can customized for clients.


SAFETY PACKING- Cheap Small Cosmetic Mirror Pieces 

Small Mirror Glass Packing

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