China 1.1mm -4.0mm Thin Electronic ITO Coated Conductive Glass

VIRTUE GLASS provide ITO conductive glass for more than 10years,

The design capacity is 660K standard pieces, as follows:

  1. Edge grinding line One design capacity of 350K PER month, Edge grinding line Two design production capacity of400K pieces per month.
  2. Coating line One design production capacity of 400K pieces per month, the main products are TN, STN coated glass. Coating line Two Coating – design capacity of 370K pieces per month, can produce vanishing, single and double coated glass.
  3. thickness from 0.2-4.0mm, the design production capacity of 250K pieces per month.

There are TN (common coating), STN (polishing coating), TP, vanishing, double side ITO glass etc, these products are widely used in LCD screen. Size: 14 “x 16”, Thickness:0.2-4.0mm, Resistance: the 5 Omega -500 Omega.

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