Benefits of  Using Embossed Glass Ribbed Glass/Moru Glass/Fluted Glass/

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VGC Embossed Glass Ribbed Glass is made by patterned rollers which roll over glass plates whilst they are still hot.

It is not only provide function of visual screen but also creates aesthetic senses of changing lights and shades.

It takes a wide selection of distinctive pattern glass to add a touch of elegance to your interior and exterior design.

Unique patterns and textures can be featured in various design applications to add obscurity for privacy or for

decorative use as a primary design element.

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Choose Best Embossed Glass Ribbed Glass For Window and Doors

  1. Privacy: Embossed Glass Ribbed Glass allows light to pass through while obscuring the view, providing privacy.
  2. Soft Lighting: It diffuses light, creating a softer and more gentle illumination.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: Embossed Glass Ribbed Glass adds visual interest and enhances the overall look of a space.
  4. Versatility: It comes in various patterns, colors, and thicknesses, offering customization options.
  5. Easy Maintenance: Patterned glass is easy to clean and forgiving of smudges and minor scratches.
  6. Energy Efficiency: It can help reduce heat gain from sunlight, contributing to energy efficiency.

The Application of Embossed Glass Ribbed Glass

  1. Windows: Patterned glass can be used in windows to provide privacy while still letting in natural light.
  2. Doors: It is commonly used in doors to add decorative elements and privacy.
  3. Shower Enclosures: Patterned glass is often used in shower enclosures for privacy and to enhance the appearance of the bathroom.
  4. Room Dividers: It can be used to create partitions or room dividers while allowing light to pass through.
  5. Furniture: Patterned glass can be incorporated into furniture design, such as table tops or cabinet doors, to add a unique and stylish look.
  6. Lighting Fixtures: It is used in light fixtures to create interesting patterns and diffuse the light for a softer illumination.
  7. Balustrades and Railings: Patterned glass is used for safety and aesthetics in staircase railings, balcony enclosures, and terrace railings.
  8. Decorative Applications: It can be used for decorative purposes in wall cladding, signage, art installations, or as a design element in commercial spaces.
Patterned glass Figured Glass Textured Glass Embossed Glass

Patterned glass Figured Glass Textured Glass Embossed Glass