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How to choose the thickness of Custom Picture Framing Glass / Clear Glass For Picture Framing?

The thickness of glass for picture frames depends on various factors such as the size and weight of the artwork, the desired aesthetic, and the level of protection required. Generally, picture frames use glass with a thickness ranging from 2mm to 3mm (1/16″ to 1/8″). This standard thickness provides adequate protection for most artworks while keeping the frame lightweight.

For smaller frames or lightweight artworks, a thinner glass, such as 2mm, can be used. Thinner glass is lighter and less likely to distort the appearance of the artwork. However, it may offer less protection against breakage or damage.

On the other hand, larger frames or heavier artworks may require thicker glass, such as 3mm. Thicker glass provides better protection against breakage and helps to prevent warping or bending of the artwork over time.

Additionally, if you are framing valuable or delicate artwork, you may consider using specialty glass options like UV-protective glass or museum-grade glass.


2mm Custom Picture Framing Glass supplier

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Item custom cut picture frame glass
Types clear float picture frame glass, tempered picture glass, silk screen picture frame glass,

Anti-reflective Glass,Non-Glare Glass, UV-Protective Glass

Thickness  1.8mm, 2.0mm,2.5mm,3.0mm
shapes square, rectangle, round, customized shapes
Sizes custom cut sizes
Edges Clear Cut Edges, Simple grinding edges, polished edges, customized edges
other new types

Ar picture frame glass,anti-glare picture frames

wholesale picture frame glass

custom size picture frame glass

custom size picture frame glass

floating glass for picture frames

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loading of picture frame glass

loading of picture frame glass