Cosmetic Small Round Mirror (D.57mm,62mm,etc)-China Manufacturer

The factory produce Cosmetic Small Round Mirror for more than 15 years, Cosmetic Small Round Mirror mainly includes: silk-screen cosmetic mirror, safety film cosmetic mirror, curved mirror, makeup mirror, magnifier cosmetic mirror.we provide deep processing service for Cosmetic Small Round Mirror products, such as edge grinding, coating, grilled bending, silk-screen printing,safety filming mirrors etc, according to customer requirements.



QUALITY CONTROL of Cosmetic Small Round Mirror

1. The staff of VIRTUE GLASS are well trained, paying high attention to each procedure each piece of big size silver mirror with our increasing efforts.

2. Every process in production has quality control, Accurate size and meet the silver mirror  standards, glass particle size were promise. Using professional testing tools, which were certified by certification authority.

The test data of each order is recorded.

3. Incoming Quality Control—In Process Quality Control Section—-Process Quality Control——Final Quality Control–Out-going Quality Control

4.our silver mirror  are well feedback by domestic and overseas markets.especially in Europe , America, south America and Middle east markets.


FEATURES OF Cosmetic Small Round Mirror

1.Cosmetic Small Round Mirror is Copper and lead free , environment friendly

2.Cosmetic Small Round Mirror is High reflectivity with clear and vivid image

3.Cosmetic Small Round Mirror is two layers of lead-free waterproof paints with competitive prices

4. Cosmetic Small Round Mirror is Various colors are available , like bronze , gray , blue , etc

5. Safety backed mirror both CAT- I and CAT- II are available.

shaped Wall Mirror

shaped Wall Mirror