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4mm Tempered  Low Iron greenhouse glass, Haze at 50%,pictures in attached file.
About the double-sided anti reflection method is not very recommended by our technical team. 
It just needs to scatter better, otherwise the noon sunlight may burn the plants
toughened greenhouse glass

toughened greenhouse glass

The basic technical parameters,which we tested:

Translucency: above 97.5%

Haze value: 50% ± 5%

Hemisphere irradiation: 89% ± 1%

Prismatic Toughened Glass


The thickness:


Max.: 2550*3660mm, Min.100*100mm


Cutting-Simple Ground Edges -Drilling Holes, Water-Jet Notches, Silks Screened if need. Tempered to ensure the high safety.


Clear Tempered Glass For Greenhouse

Good Price Clear Tempered Glass For Greenhouse 3mm-4mm China